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FAQ anneEmscher

Who is Anne Emscher?

anneEmscher is a photo gallery. Friends and family are forced by me, Silvio Martin, to hang up a photo in their house. To make this a gallery, all photos are presented here and you can look up, where the real photos are displayed, world wide. A photo gallery with a bigger spatial spread is impossible − thus anneEmscher will be the world's largest photo gallery some day. "Anne" is not a girl, but it means "at the" (in german: "an der") in our local idiom. All photos were taken in the Ruhr Area, most of them close to the river Emscher. anneEmscher is my personal project for the european capital of culture "Ruhr 2010".

And what is the Emscher?

The Emscher is a river between Ruhr and Lippe, right in the center of the Ruhr area. For decades the Emscher was the hidden backyard of the Ruhr Area and turned into a surface drain. In 1991 a decision was made to renaturize the Emscher from the source to the mouth. This project is to be finished by the year 2020. Until then we make ourselves as comfortable as can at the Emscher.

Why are the addresses of the showrooms sometimes not complete?

Not all people like to disclose their addresses in the internet. So the adresses are given as detailed as they like to see them. In this case the position on the showroom map is also very inaccurate.

Why did I not receive a photo?

There are several possible reasons, e.g. that I do not know you, or that I did not yet manage to take a picture, which fits to you.

If I click on a location on the maps, it loads the german page

Yes, I know. I have not yet found a way to work around without maintaining each map twice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don't you have much more photos of the Ruhrgebiet

Yes, I do. But I want to see only very few hanging on a wall. I put the others in a photo album at Facebook. I think you need to be logged in to see it.

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